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Our rent is priced per day. 


No refunds are to be made


A refundable deposit will be paid with the cost, and will be refunded back to you once the item comes back. 


You will be refunded your deposit even if minor repairs are needed however should an item require excessive cleaning, or is beyond a standard level of wear and tear, your deposit won’t be refunded and if lost, you will need to pay the price of the marketed item. 


There is a penalty fee for a late return that will be taken out of your deposit. 


If your item has arrived in less than great condition, you must let the us know within 24 hours of receiving the item.

We suggest opening your rental on the day you receive the item from us. 

If an issue has been spotted, make sure you take a picture right away. Using your phone will automatically time-stamp when the issue was spotted. 


The rental must be returned within 24 hours of flagging the issue unless you and mistryarchives have agreed on a discounted rate for the rental following the problem that you reported. 

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